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Aluminium PS plate for printing industry

Aluminium PS plate for printing industry
  • Product Name: Aluminium PS plate for printing industry
  • Post Date: 2017/4/26
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Detailed Specifications

Aluminium PS plate for printing industry



Xiamen Teyate Aluminium Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of Conventinal PS Plates, UV-CTP(CTcP) Plates and Thermal CTP Plates in China. Teyate brand printing plates are popular in mainland and oversea, widly used in prining market like newspaper, commercial print, etc.


Presensitized Offset Plates

Positive PS Plate

Conventional Positive PS Plate



1.High quality aluminium substrate

2.Special coating to give excellent inaging quality

3.High Resolution.

4.High Pressrun

5.Multiple layer grain structure and condensed oxidized layer

6. It is suitable for superb color business printing and UV ink printing


Technical parameters for Positive Ps Plate Aluminum Plates




Technical parameters for Positive Ps Plate Aluminum Plates

Plate Type

Positive PS Plate For offset printing


Advanced Sophisticated Colour Printing


Electro-chemically grained & anodized lithographic aluminium




Maximum width 1500mm

Alloy Temper

1050 1060 H18

Spectral Sensitivity

360-450nm UV light &  400-410nm UV laser


30 seconds, approx. 20 pulses (3kw Lodine-Gallium lamp, from 1m, UGRA PCW82 control strip, the third section un-inking)                     *Duration varies with its printing conditions and materials.


1-98% @ 200 lpi

Image Color


Accredited Platesetters   


Accredited Developers    

Positive PS Plate developer


Developer temperature:  23±2°c


Developing time:20-35 Seconds

Run length 

50 000-100 000 (Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper  conditions)

Shelf Life

18 months


Its recommended that plates should be stored under 25±5ºC,with humidity less than 40%


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